New Products for September

We are delighted to inform you of some new products we are offering on our website for September and the lead up to Christmas.

We are very excited about our new Black Beauty Bar which has been in research and development for a considerable amount of time.

This wonderful facial bar contains an astonishing amount of beneficial oils to cleanse, tone a nourish your skin. Our gorgeous Black Beauty Bar contains activated charcoal which will open pores, draw oil and bacteria from your skin and tone and tighten the skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion. 

This bar is ideal for acne prone and oil skin types. You might find that if you are prone to dry skin, only using our bar every few days may be beneficial. Following your cleansing by applying some skin loving oils to your face will also combat the drying effects.

The other new product We would like to introduce is our fabulous Roship and Jasmine gift pack.

We are offering these beautiful soaps only in a gift pack in time for you to add this to your Christmas gift ideas.

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